Previous entries of this blog can be found at  I will be writing on both blogs simultaneously and verbatim so readers can get the same information on both sites; in addition, my personal site offers blogs on my other favorite sports teams such as, my alma mater the California Golden Bears, the Los Angeles Lakers, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Anaheim Ducks.

I find it easier to direct readers to my personal website rather than copying about 50 entries onto this website. The previous entries are for one to get an idea as to my train of thought, and those familiar with my previous sites know my feelings about the greatest team in Major League Baseball. This entry is for those who have never been exposed to my writing before.


2 Comments on “Previous Posts of The Angels’ Ace

  1. Welcome back ICE.
    I am impressed, 2 blogs flowing and churning at the same time…..Next thing we know there will be a merchandising line….Or did I speak too soon?
    Love the photo…….
    Again, good see your writings again on the wall.

    • Thank you Reys’ Renegade, I’m glad to be back, the only thing that sucks about this process is that I have to rebuild my “list of lost souls” I want active diehard fans of their respective teams. Do you have any recommendations?

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