When one has a favorite team, and becomes a diehard fan, one signs a contract of sorts. One promises to be a fan regardless of the ups and downs a team may go through. In exchange, the team gives a fan a connection to wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

It seems that fans are losing faith in the Halos, and I can understand why as of today they are 5 1/2 games behind division leading Texas Rangers and the offense is struggling; however, let me put everything into a analytical perspective. Let me first address the Texas Rangers, have no doubt that the Rangers are where they deserved to be in credit needs to be given where it is due. The Rangers are a spectacular team.

In my previous entries I pointed out the Halos’ shortcomings this season, in this entry I want to put everything into a more palatable perspective. The Angels so far have been involved in eight extra inning games including the loss to the Tampa Bay Rays last night. Yesterday was also their 15th game in which there has been a one run differential between the participating teams, most of which the Angels have come out on the losing end.. What does that say about the Angels? If the Angels were able to come out on the other side of the situation; and things would have gone a little differently I would be discussing a much different story right now. Although the team has glaring problems, they are on the cusp of greatness.

For those of you that read my blog last season, most of you know my feelings towards Brian Fuentes. In the alternative I suggested that Fernando Rodney become the Angels’ closer. I’m glad to say that the Angels made the right decision in getting rid of Brian Fuentes, should the same be done with Fernando Rodney? I would argue no, for the simple reason that when the Angels severed their ties with Brian Fuentes, Fernando Rodney was there to take his place. The problem then becomes if Rodney is indeed released then who would take his place in the bullpen? I think Rodney struggles is more endemic of the Angels’ overall situation rather than his personal struggles. When Fuentes was let go the Angels were a much different team, I don’t think the same can be said if they decide to release Rodney.

I strongly believe are still feeling the effects of losing Kendrys Morales last year, he was supposed to be a potent power hitter Morales was supposed to help the Angels this season. However, due to complications with his ankle that was not to be. Now the Angels are expecting him by spring training of 2012. Not the news the Angels are looking forward to. It seems like his teammates have not been able to get the freakishness of his injury out of their heads, that’s one of the many reasons why the team is performing the way it is up to this point in the season.

Many fans believe this is the reason why the Angels are a third placed team, however I’m taking a vastly different approach yes, I concede that their way the Texas Rangers are playing right now, it will be extraordinary difficult yet not impossible to overtake the Rangers by the end of the season. I remind everyone that last night was only game number 64 of an 162 game season. The Angels’ chances are not over by any stretch of the imagination. However they will need to find a way to get out of this psychological funk that they are in. As a diehard faithful fan, I have to believe that things will turn around for them. It is often said that baseball is a game of inches, the same thing can be said for the psychology of baseball, the Angels are not getting blown out by any means they just have to correct the mistakes; and swing the pendulum in their favor so as they continue to add to their extra inning games and one run differential statistics the Angels are the ones that must come out on top.

Perhaps with the Angels need is to actually get away from Angel Stadium, this upcoming road trip involves inter-league play. The Angels the Angels have done well in inter-league play and maybe this is exactly what they need to get back to their winning ways.


3 Comments on “Chronicles of a Diehard and Faithful Angels’ Fanatic

  1. Sorry buddy, but I have to politely disagree. Rodney is a head case for the Angels now. He couldn’t handle closing games, and typically adds gasoline to the fire when he comes in. I think he is our 2011 version of Esteban Yan, who had a great fastball and nothing else. I think we cut Rodney and promote from Triple A..

    The bullpen is a mess right now anyway, so cutting Rodney will not be a big loss anyway. Takahashi has been a disappointment and Downs has been decent.

    The main problem is our offense. We have a pretty strong rotation, but no one in the lineup who can replace the loss of Morales. Couple that with an aging Abreau and Hunter, we are now relying on a bunch of young kids to get the job done. We need remover the automatic out, Jeff Mathis, from the lineup with Conger and learn to develop some young power hitters. Scioscia has finally gotten the offense he wanted-singles/doubles hitters but he forgot that we need some power guys.

    I will still root for this club as it is moments like this that try the true fans….

  2. Shaun,

    I understand your frustration, I think any true diehard fan is feeling the same thing we are. By no means am I a supporter of Fernando Rodney’s struggles, however I think you have a point when you say we have to develop our hitters Mark Trumbo is doing pretty good for himself. I think the Angels’ missing Morales shouldn’t be the end-all excuse for the struggles. I can’t help but wonder who in the minor leagues to the Angels promote? Mike Trout? He is only 19 and he needs to develop more, but who else besides him do we have? Vernon Wells doesn’t seem to be comfortable yet in an Angels’ uniform, how long can we wait for him? But like I said in the blog it’s not like any team is mopping the floor with the Angels, they just need to eliminate their base running mistakes, their issue with the men on base, their tendency to go into extra innings, and their issue with the one run game differential. I think they are fixable problems it comes down to fundamentals, which the Angels are not executing right now. Keep the faith my friend, we will win the American League West if these problems are resolved. Go Angels!


  3. I think there is a use for Rodney, potentially, but not as the closer ever again. Tigers fans have similar complaints about him – he just fine when the job was his to win but one he had the closer job, forget it. He seems to do best as an earlier reliever or coming in when we’re down. Then he is able to keep from walking guys and keep the other team from growing their lead but he’s terrible when the game is on the line. I felt ill when they brought him in in the 10th on Wed. I think the team is fixable but they need to start fixing away fast. I agree, interleague may be just what the doctor ordered.
    — Kristen

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