Let me get this straight, as of tonight there are three American League West teams contending for two playoff spots…. Wow! What a crazy baseball season this is. The Halos find themselves on the outside looking in, with the loss of tonight’s second game of the doubleheader and the Athletics winning; the Angels must win out the remaining three games of the season and rely on the Rangers who already secured at least a wild-card berth to sweep the A’s in the last series of the season.

The introduction of the new wild-card system guaranteed game 163 every year as two teams duke it out in a play in game to determine which team would represent the American League wild-card. Who knew that we would see a potential game 164 to select the participants in game 163, and the survivor would be the wild-card? Wow… that’s the view baseball it allows excitement until the very end. Although the Angels are on the outside looking in and now it’s very unlikely that they will make a postseason appearance, I have always been of the mindset that I rather be eliminated from contention in early October than in late July.

However as of tonight being does have done that they have survived, and in the unlikely event that the chips fall in their proper places the Angels and the A’s gnome each other once again, this time with everything on the line. Yes, the Rangers are very good, but there’s something about the red and green rivalry that lights the fire in the pit of the stomach of fans from both sides. California’s two American League franchise battling each other for the right to live another day. I know it’s very unlikely, but the fact that this new playoff system created this condition is a good thing.

Let’s hope that the Angels have three consecutive wins left in them in that Texas and organization that is still competing for the American League West championship, is able to sweep the A’s.


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