The Angels no longer have a need for wishing wells, as in wishing that Vernon Wells improves. Wells was sent to the New York Yankees today. In exchange, the Angels received two low-level prospects in 21-year-old outfielder Exicardo Cayones (.228 with 15 RBIs in Class A last year) and 24-year-old lefty Kramer Sneed (0-7 with a 5.37 ERA).

The Yankees will pay $13.9 million dollars of the $42 million dollars owed to Wells over the next two years. That may not seem like much given the size of the contract however, if one takes a moment to think about it the Angels now have $13.9 million dollars to spend on a player that will produce, at this point, preferably a pitcher; additionally this now opens up a roster spot for someone who is better equipped to help the Angels. Additionally, the two minor leaguers/prospects will help replenish the Halos’ farm system.

I wish Vernon Wells well in his future endeavors, sometimes a change of scenery can help a player return to form. The dimensions at Yankee Stadium should help improve his offensive production especially to right-field. Thank you Yankees, for the two prospects and the $13.9 million dollar gift.


4 Comments on “The Angels No Longer Have a Need for Wishing Wells

  1. Though this may be a minority opinion, I think Wells got a bum rap. He was hitting well this spring, and might have been a good replacement for a hurt regular.

  2. It is a win-win for both teams. The Yankees get help to ease their injury riddled team. The Angels move and unproductive player whose contract was deemed immovable. Yankee Stadium is a hitters park, so Vernon Wells’ ability or inability to hit the ball will be somewhat masked by the short fences. Hence, the Yankees won’t look so bad. If Yankee Stadium was a pitchers park this deal doesn’t happen.

  3. Good trade, and I see big numbers from Wells now in a Yankee uniform, a lot of advantages for him at that stadium. The dimensions are perfect for his warning track power, he will replace Swisher’s defensive abilities above and beyond. I think it will be cool to see who he really is. .275 30 80 if he really puts his heart into it.

  4. And you also have to factor in that every park in the AL East except for Tampa Bay, is hitter friendly, Fenway Park, Camden Yards, Rogers Center, Yankee Stadium all of them will improve his overall stats. With his power, 30 hrs playing full-time is without question attainable. My AVG prediction of .275 could be viewed as optimistic, but what I saw with his swing this Spring is that his swing is now compact and he can drive the ball to all fields now. For fantasy baseball I have him drafted on my bench as a sleeper pick.

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