Okay, I’ve had time to digest this whole fiasco of a Mark Trumbo trade and I can’t say I’m any happier. 35 Home Runs and 100 RBIs those were roughly his numbers last year, granted his OPS wasn’t that great, but in my opinion it is easier to find a player with a better OPS via free agency than it is to find right-handed power.

Mark Trumbo is a homegrown kid he graduated from Villa Park high school, he grew up an Angels’ fan and was a great presence in the clubhouse. What more does this team want? Inflated egos that have an overpaid contract to go with it? Superstars that don’t know how to play a team game? While I agree that the Angels need pitching, they needed a very specific type of pitching; that can step in and help the rotation right away. Tyler Skaggs and Hector Santiago don’t fill that hole, they need more development, if that’s the case, why not develop Trumbo? Now we will never know what Don Baylor could have done for him, perhaps he could have improved Mark Trumbo’s OPS.

While I agree that trade made the Angels’ payroll a bit more flexible, I’m afraid that if the Angels go after another free agent it will be more of the same. The proof? Vernon Wells, Scott Kazmir, Josh Hamilton, Joe Blanton, Ryan Madson, among many others, I am not a season-ticket holder myself, but I can tell you that I have considered it before, what stops me? I go to the ballpark and see the pain on the faces of the season-ticket holders.

This wouldn’t be a big deal if the franchise actually balanced the short-term and long-term success with sustainability, it seems that it is now it is one or the other all three elements don’t seem to coexist. I’m not a fair weather fan, I’ve been a fan of this team for over 30 years. I was exposed to the Angels before the Lakers before the 49ers and way before the Anaheim Ducks, this team holds a special place in my heart because it was this team that exposed me to the beauty of sports, as a young kid and gave me the appetite to explore other teams in other sports. Now with the detonation of TNT, (Trumbo and Trout) and TNT not being a part of the Angels arsenal it will be interesting to see where they Angels get their explosiveness from.


Update: Mark Trumbo is a class act!

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2 Comments on “The Detonation of TNT Has Explosive Effects Far beyond Just the Short-Term

  1. This was the cost of signing Pujols and Hamilton, along with trading for Haren and Kazmir in the past-it cost us young players that we could plug into the rotation. The Angels have gotten away from what worked best from 2004-2009-strong pitching and defense.

    I think Trumbo probably hit his ceiling, although he could be another Mike Napoli….

    We needed young cheap arms that will be under contract for a while. These guys give us youth at AAA and in the rotation.

  2. I do believe that Trumbo is the next Mike Napoli, this is great come back to bite us, and this is all a result of that Josh Hamilton contract. I was all for giving Albert Pujols contract but if you remember, I was questioning the contract, and when we had the Albert Pujols conversation I mentioned Mark Trumbo over Kendrys Morales backing up Albert Pujols at first base even though we had both players at the time. I saw a future with Trumbo that I couldn’t see Kendrys Morales.

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