Eight is a number that when flipped on its side represents infinity. Infinite possibilities, infinite outcomes, infinite actions, and infinite reactions; infinity is a good way to describe baseball, the unpredictability of baseball is what makes it beautiful; in one at bat there is an infinite number of things that can go right and an infinite number of things that can go wrong.

The number eight is turned out so far to be an important number for the Angels. In three of the six games played so far the Angels have come back from a deficit to win the game in the eighth inning. It’s as if the number eight gave the Angels infinite ways to come back and win games.

Something about the season feels different, perhaps it’s the 60th anniversary season, perhaps it’s that everyone on the roster is relatively healthy this year, perhaps it is that Shohei Ohtani is able to pitch without an issue adding an ace on the mound, and a power hitter in the batter’s box. It can also be the Angels improved bullpen that is finally able to keep the Halos in games and an improved pitching staff overall, here again it can be infinite factors.

Stellar performances by Shohei Ohtani, Mike Trout, Jared Walsh, Chris Rodriguez, among others also contribute to this renewed excitement around this team; or maybe it is just that baseball is beginning to normalize again. Whatever the underlying factors are, they have brought a unique kind of excitement within the Angels’ fan base it no longer feels like our team is repeating the same sequence of events that they have for the last seven years; it feels unique as if the Angels’ fan base itself is experiencing these infinite possibilities alongside the team.

I find it appropriate of these comebacks have come in the eighth inning, the number personifies these infinite emotions, excitement, and expectations. The infinite possibilities bring a flavor to the Angel games that once were missing for a very long time. A flavor that leaves just the perfect amount of desire for more that allows the fan base to savor each wonderful moment that the baseball season has brought us thus far.


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