Can you hear it? The zapping sound of transistors, the chaotic flow of electricity jumping from place to place, moment to moment, and instant to instant. Can you see it? The beautiful unpredictable chaos that each bolt of light creates, the lightning that can give life as quickly as it takes it. Can you feel the excited atoms around you? The atoms that make your hair stand up as one can feel them caressing your skin. The combination of this beautiful chaos leads one to an epiphany that one has voluntarily surrendered to the unpredictability which lies within the halo.

The Angels find themselves surrounded by the high-voltage contained within the halo. They are 8-5 alternating between a half of game and first place in the American League West. They have a slew of injuries, more than their fair share and yet they still find a way to be competitive this year. They have hit home runs in 11 of the 13 games played thus far. The Halos finished their first 10 games with a 7-3 mark, tied for the best start in franchise history. The red wave of electricity that they are riding allows them to contend in a competitive division.

Where will this gorgeous red electricity take them next? The electrical chaos is highly addictive within itself. I haven’t felt electricity surrounding this team since 2009; the energy of the offense, the unrelenting attitude of this entire team makes it a baseball season to look forward to.

Where will you be when this high-voltage halo decides to make you a part of it? Will you be prepared to ride the energy of the lightning, or will the bolt take control of you; will that be too much for you to handle? What position will you be in when it’s time once again to light up the halo?


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